QHSE Audits

Quality Assurance Internal & External audits

Quality assurance audit is performed in order to ensure that the systems are in place and being
followed religiously to provide good quality to the customers. It also highlights the need for any
improvement in the systems in order to consistently deliver good quality products or services.
The audits are also performed to make sure that the organization is following the legal and
regulatory requirements.

HSE Internal & External audits

A key component to continuous improvement in HSE is an effective audit and inspection program.
Health, safety and environmental audits and inspections offer a strong return on investment when
conducted by experienced and seasoned professionals.

Vi Assurance
have a proven record of quality, integrity, and candor in our audits and assessments.
Our audits provide our clients with the abilityto identify and recommend improvements in their
operations, projects and management programs.

We are thoroughly familiar with health, safety, and environmental regulations and know how they
apply in real-world circumstances. Following our audits and inspection, we have supported the
development and implement of programs and procedures for our clients and the implementation
of HSE management systems.

Contractor / Vendor Assurance Audits

Contract audits are a means by which contractor performance can be assessed prior to, during
or upon completion of a contract. They are generally associated with major construction and
ongoingmaintenance contracts, although audits of other period and services contracts are
becoming more common.

Accurate and timely contract audits can provide the client with information which will,
for example, assist in:

Short listing potential contractors.
Ensuring a contractor is meeting its contractual obligations and requirements during
the performance of a contract.
Provide effective mitigations in the during the tenure of the contract to achieve
contract performance.
Identifying the circumstances which have led to a contractual non-compliance.
Assessing whether a contract extension may be offered to a contractor in,
for example, a period contract situation.